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Long Island web designs just launched our new company website and we love it. Our mortgage company has been in business for over 13 years and we have had over 13 web designers and none of them could compare to how great this company is. We will be sticking with them for the long run.

Timothy Gutierrez

First I tried designing my own website and I thought I did a good job. I wasn’t getting any clients and my assistant kept telling me we should hire a company. She found Long Island web designs on top of google and they told us that we could have that same visibility for our target audience. Now a days we are one of the top ranked websites in our industry and it’s all thanks to the hard work of this marketing company.

Raul Tremblay

They have a really great web development team that can code in just about every modern language. I had a platform that they built for me and before we began I already had went through 2 different companies who failed to deliver. Long island web designs delivered beyond everyones expectations and they were there to support us and show us how the backend works.

Mario Hitchcock

First, they created an awesome website for my company. Next, they created all of my social media accounts. Last, they gave our website a tremendous amount of traffic and my followers increase everyday across all of my social media accounts especially instagram. I really enjoy working with them and it’s the best return on investment for any business owner.

Eddy Knebel

My old site needed some serious redesigning to keep up with the times. This website designing service did a great job and pretty quickly too. We are already experiencing the positive changes.

Richard Rocha

I promised Long Island Web Designs if they did what they say they can do I would leave a review and here I am. They are a very smart team with great leadership and smart marketing strategies.

Andrew Gray